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Professional Websites
Merck Frosst (Canada) Country Sites

Merck Latin America Country Sites
Merck: Country Sites Web Sites |  2003-present

Merck & Co, Inc (known as Merck Sharp & Dohme or MSD outside the US) is a leading global pharmaceutical company. My largest project with Merck has been developing web sites for their presence in various countries, especially Latin America. The sites provide password protected content for health care professionals as well as unprotected information for patients and information about the company. The sites are fully customizable by the country staff to meet local legal requirements and are fully translatable into the local language while still making it easy to share content between countries.

I have worked on country sites through the entire software development life cycle from initial requirements gathering, through development, maintence, support, and upgrades. Even completely reimplementing the sites with new server technologies to provide new functionality and migrating sites to this new platform.
Merck COP
Merck: Communities of Practice Web Sites |  2006-2007

An AJAX based search tool was developed that suggested physician names similar to Google Suggest. However, instead of suggestions being based on a single search field, physician names could be returned based on data entered into one or more of several different fields.

To improve performance, Javascript caching of previously returned search results was implemented. AJAX requests were also throttled so that fast typers would not overload the servers with multiple requests within a short time frame.

Finally, support for the Korean language was provided. This had its own set of issues as when typing in Korean often key strokes actually change the previous character rather than create a new character. Site
Merck: Additional Sites Web Sites |  2002-present

Among the many other sites that I have worked on for Merck are, The Merck Manual 2nd Home Edition, Clinical Trials, and intranet sites.
IDC Web Site  |  Sep-Nov 2000

IDC is the leading global provider of technology forecasts, insights, and advice. Their website allows users to locate, purchase and read research reports and allows IDC subscribers to access their research subscriptions online.

I worked on the design phase of this website with Viant, determining the business requirements of the site with functional analysts, including the development of a complex set of permissioning requirements for various users and classes of users. I then translated this information into wireframes that described the contents of each page and navigation between pages so that treatments and fully functioning HTML pages could be produced. I also built a fully functioning prototype of the homepage.
University of Florida, Deptament of Architecture
University of Florida, Department of Architecture Web Site  |  Jul-Aug 1999

I designed and built the homepage for UF's Architecture Department, working closely with UF Architecture Faculty to determine requirements, site IA, and look and feel. I also designed and developed an interactive DHTML site map for the home page.

This is an archived version of the since redesigned site which lacks several pieces of content which were not available for inclusion in the site while I worked on this project.